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Chapped lips are super common. Our lips don’t have oil glands like the rest of our skin, which makes it difficult for them to retain moisture.

Lips also do not have a stratum corneum which is our skin’s armour, the top layer of skin. That being said, there are some other factors that could be causing this:

Salty and spicy snacks! Salt holds water, so it can absorb the water away from the lips and just dry them out.  

Vitamin B deficiencies can give you dry, cracked, red lips and sometimes a rash around the mouth.

Sun cooks the water out of your skin and that can leave an already dry area even more dry! Plus, a sunburn can leave your lips peeling as skin cells turn over and try to replenish.

Accutane is the number one medication to cause dry, cracked lips.

Yeast overgrowth.
Do you have an underbite? Or maybe you drool in your sleep? These factors can cause yeast overgrowth leading to dry, flaky skin around the mouth, and fissuring (small cracks in the corners of the mouth).

The key to restoring the barrier and retaining water is an amazing lip treatment like @halcyon.skincare Lip Treatment.

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